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Experience and research demonstrate that many businesses, especially smaller ones, struggle at times to manage their workloads.  At the root of this issue tends to be a lack of resource, expertise, time, money and trust.  It is possible for example that there is insufficient time available to key personnel to undertake work or that suitably experienced and qualified staff cannot be appointed on terms a company can afford.

As a result, company management, often the Finance Director, is tasked with fulfilling many roles, some of which they may not be totally familiar and hence confident (e.g. IT, Data Protection, HR, Employee Benefit provision, Project Management, Strategy). On such occasions, companies can benefit from additional specialist support to fulfil all these responsibilities to the standard they and others aspire and in the time available. 

Such organisations naturally use and become reliant on outside parties to help manage work.  However, managing outsource partners, who may themselves be conflicted with other priorities and under resourced, can also be time consuming and potentially leads to a loss of control and understanding.

In case you’re wondering, Lindis is the name of Terry’s 1949 wooden yacht.





Value Proposition

To help clients who wish to overcome some of these issues, Lindis Consulting seeks to work in a different way to other outsource partners by providing less conflicted, focused, high quality resource, on bespoke terms, specifically designed to meet clients' needs.  We use project and personnel management skills in addition to our professional qualifications, independence, experience and extensive network to help you better meet your and your business needs, while ensuring you retain control in ways you determine. 

Our involvement could be short term: for example to help manage a particular project; help overcome a build-up of work or provide cover while a member of staff is absent or being replaced; or be more long-term such as helping manage a particular aspect of the business' operations, thus freeing up internal resource.  The reality therefore is that the help we provide could cover a large range of areas. Essentially are aim is to help you identify and manage ‘gaps’ (be they in resource and / or expertise) within your business operations and thereafter help you better manage your organisation through more effective and functional management of these areas. Please see the Projects section for details of some actual work examples which highlights the broad range of services we provide.    


Honesty, openness, ClaritY, collaboration

Lindis Consulting strives to provide first rate, innovative, long-term focused and client tailored services, because this approach will result in business success for both clients and Lindis Consulting.  We believe that effective service provision is best achieved by developing a deep understanding of each client's needs and the context of those needs, and that this is attained from open communications, through which trust is established and built.

Lindis Consulting has developed a strong network of fellow professionals so that when client needs determine we are able to call upon others to efficiently and effectively progress work at a client’s request.

We welcome all feedback and ideas, believing further improvements can always be made. We understand that change is inevitable and that it is important to move with and if possible ahead of such change and in such a way that its potentially negative impacts are well managed, communicated and mitigated wherever possible.



Cost-Effective, Clear, focused

There are a multitude of potential benefits of working with Lindis Consulting compared to both internal service provision or working with other outsource partners.  Ultimately our goal is help your business work more efficiently and with less risk. Each contract and piece of work will be bespoke to the circumstances; individually tailored to meet your specific needs.   We do this because we our clients to succeed and to use and recommend us in the future. We therefore take time to understand and document what you have asked us to do.  We aim to keep you fully in control of all aspects of your business, including the work we are undertaking.  You will always know what we are doing, why, and when it will be delivered; good communication is at the heart of our business, because we believe this approach promotes trust and hence our ability to work optimally together.